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Millet is hot one kind be chili, basically produce from at southwest groundForum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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Classify, also be a kind of piquancy is heavierSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Chili. Millet eats a law hotly to have a lot of kinds, the commonnest is to use piccalilli of the millet that make. The local color of millet piccalilli is distinctive, nutrition is rich, because this got the welcome of a lot of people. Nevertheless, souse millet piccalilli also has regular method and skill. Introduce for everybody below smallFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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The practice of rice piccalilli and nutrient value!

 The souse method of millet piccalilli

One, the practice measure of millet piccalilli

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1, wash pickle jar clean, insolation hind reserves.

2, prepare burden: Liquor of salt, white sugar, height.

3, all vegetable that want bubble abluent, put share of water of the insolation inside dish basket.

4, build good shell, put cold boiled water toward altar brim! Remember making the water on altar brim dry, 29 days get upgrade to add water, clean altar brim and cap to add water again with clean towel incidentally Oh!

2, make small key

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1. There is rich active lactobacillus in pickle, it can restrain the growth of corrupt bacterium in alvine path, abate and corrupt bacterium produces poisonous effect in what bowel, helpful digest, prevent constipation, prevent cellular ageing, reduce cholesterol, fight the action such as tumor;

2. The chili in pickle, garlic, ginger, the excitant condiments such as green can rise antiseptic, promote digest enzymatic excretive action;

3. Pickle still can promote the human body absorption to iron element;

 The souse method of millet piccalilli

4, of oneself bubble (acerbity beans horn fries fleshy foam) taste is very good Oh, eat very acerbity also everybody to be able to try directly! The acerbity beans part that sells outside can have taste!

3, the nutrient value of millet any of several hot spice plants

Millet any of several hot spice plants contains a lot ofVC, carotene, protein, carbohydrate, calcic, phosphor, iron, selenium, cobaltic, concealed yellow element, chili red element, chili jade red element, black nightshade element, adipose oil, colophony, naphtha, chili is alkaline, 2 hydrogen chili is alkaline, tall chili is alkaline wait.

Hot taste of sex of millet any of several hot spice plants is bitter, have Wen Zhongjian stomach, reduce the effect of bug effect, advocate treat a stomach cold eat drink depressed, dyspeptic, rheumatism lumbago, parotitis, the much furuncle that send a gender is swollen wait for disease.

1, appetizing disappear feeds: Millet any of several hot spice plants can be lukewarm in be good at stomach, can use at treating inappetence, disappear feeds eupeptic effect.

 The souse method of millet piccalilli

2, prevent cancer to fight cancer: The chili in millet any of several hot spice plants1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Element, belong to a kind of antioxidant, can prevent the growth of cancer cell.

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