[egg and white sugar can eat together] – of contraindication of edible of _ of _ continous candy

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When some people are eating an egg, because the egg does not have what flavour, issue pharynx hard, collocation is very so much other feed material to eat together. White sugar is a kind of food that people likes very much, and quantity of heat is lower. Some people are in when having breakfast, always eat egg and white sugar together, can add the sweet taste of the egg so, promotional oneself appetite, achieve the result that does breakfast quickly. So, can egg and white sugar eat together?

 Can egg and white sugar eat together

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Actually, egg and white sugar are boiled together, can make egg protein medium1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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the material that amino acid forms a kind to be absorbed not easily by human body, produce undesirable effect to healthy meeting, so white sugar is mixed egg had better not an edible.

2, cannot be white sugar mixed what food an edible?

White sugar cannot be mixed tea an edible, because candy can restrain the clear heat is alexipharmic effect in tea.

White sugar cannot be mixed jellyfish skin an edible, because should not be long,put.

 Can egg and white sugar eat together

3, cannot be the egg mixed what food an edible?

3.1, persimmon. Because eating egg hindNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Persimmon, can get bromatoxism gently, can bring about occurrence acute gastroenteritis to return form having lung againForum of Shanghai noble baby

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The method of stone phenomenon. Normally the circumstance falls, these two kinds of food eat at the same time can bring about above to spit, the acute gastroenteritis symptom that next have diarrhoea, bellyacke gives priority to.

3.2, turtle flesh. Turtle flesh eats to also can bring about bromatoxism after eating an egg. And be bored with of grow of sex of turtle flesh itself, have a cold or inside body cold wet person does not eat commonly. Add its sex Xian Ping, pregnant woman cannot eat with the person with the bad digestion after just giving birth to BB.

 Can egg and white sugar eat together

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3, meat of goose, rabbit. If eat to be able to cause diarrhoea together together, namely the have loose bowels that people often says, because rabbit meat sex is cold, the egg is small cold, two kinds of food an edible, produce reaction very easily, the accentuation stimulation to intestines and stomach, cause diarrhoea thereby.

3.4, soya-bean milk. The protein in the egg is digested absorb need trypsin to help, and depressor of a kind of trypsin is contained in soya-bean milk, can restrain the trypsin active in alvine path, the protein in affecting an egg thereby is digested absorb, reduce its nutrition value.

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