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Article introduction

The rose is natural officinal product, also allow the plant that views and admire with be being used, contain a lot ofin the rose have rich vitamin, have fight cancer to prevent cancer, recuperate the effect of intestines and stomach, a lot of people can use rose make tea, the rose adds the tea that red jujube bubble gives, have not only enrich the blood filling gas, the effect that calm the nerves, still suit period not the rule, menstrual quantity is not harmonious, the patient that the body has toxin is drinkable1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai make friend

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Take you to recognize the value in rosy jujube tea in the round


In addition, the property of a medicine of the rose is very gentle, can Wen Yangren’s conscience1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Hematic arteries and veins, easy delivers gas of the gloomy inside body, composed, conciliation arrives since, combat depressed effect. The female is before menstruation or menstruation regular meeting has some of be agitated on the mood, the rose that drink a dot can rise to adjust action. Working and life pressure is greater and greater today, although not be menses, also can drink bit of rose more, conciliation, stable mood. Rose tea has auxiliary therapy effect to depressed disease, angst disease. The rose contains rich vitamin A, C, B, E, K, and tannic acid, can improve endocrinopathy, helpful also to eliminating exhaustion and cut heal. 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Tone enrages blood, recuperate female physiology problem, stimulative blood circulates, hairdressing, regulate the menstrual function, diuresis, nerve of alleviation intestines and stomach, prevent furrow, prevent frostbite, raise colourShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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Hairdressing. When body exhaustion ache, take some will massage quite appropriate also.

The bud needle that rose tea is the rose that use delicacy and tea mixes in proportionNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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, use the high-grade tea that basement of contemporary high-tech craft is made and becomes. And scented tea of red jujube rose is red jujube is joined to match on the foundation of rose tea and become, what does the effect of scented tea of rose of so red jujube have? Because Gong Zaomei rares content of C of the vitamin in scented tea compares lemon,return tall, and vitamin C is water-solubility vitamin again, drinkable after eat still can go fat, at the same time it also has very good curative effect to treating gastric ulcer and duodenum ulcer. Above is the effect of scented tea of red jujube rose, the hope can bring health to everybody through the introduction above.

Take you to recognize the value in rosy jujube tea in the round

The effect of red jujube and action

1. filling gas enrichs the blood

Gong Zaofu contains iron, iron element is the essential element that synthesizes haemoglobin, it is OK to eat red jujube filling gas heart’s-blood, appropriate at the constitution frail, anaemic person and the edible after female menstruation.

2. is raised blood calms the nerves

Gong Zaofu contains calcium, iron and rich yellow ketone material, can scanty liver solves gloomy, raise blood to calm the nerves, have apparent composed and hypnotic with step-down action, appropriate at recuperating fretted uneasiness, the situation with mind inquietude or bad Morpheus.

3. discharges poison to raise liver

Red jujube can reduce the noxiousness material harm to liverLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Action, suit those liver function to compare poor crowd edible. Drink with water of red jujube bubble everyday, hold to a week, albumen can have the serum inside the body to increase apparently, can have poisonous effect of very good the platoon that protect liver.

Take you to recognize the value in rosy jujube tea in the round

4. smooth asthma fights allergy

Red jujube is had fight allergic action, adenosine of contains annulus phosphoric acid can make bronchus flowing flesh convulsion removes, asthma stops.

Bubble law

Gong Zaomei rares tea

Material: ? Pour? go the nucleus is red jujube 2

: of course of action? The bleb of?0 Celsius is made (lukewarm exorbitant meeting destroys water vitamin C)

Drinkable: ? Cough camphor tree award?

The vitamin C content of rose and Gong Zaozhong is higher than lemon, and vitamin C is water-solubility vitamin again, eat hind is drinkable still can go fat.

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