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Chaffy dish is Chinese cate in the center cannot a kind of oversight, the mouthfeel that chaffy dish stimulates tartly with its spreads everywhere to great river north and south quickly, to the food of people the life brought the progress of diversity. Chaffy dish can accommodate any feeding almost material. Among them fish is the common raw material in chaffy dish, trout of Ba Sha fish, rainbow suits make it chaffy dish etc, rainbow trout looks to do chaffy dish below?

How does rainbow trout do chaffy dish?

Sex of cold water of rainbow trout department is feral fish, happy perch at water quality oxygen of clear, dissolve is abounded brook of mountains and rivers-land is mediumly, wait with shrimp of aquatic insect, crustacean, small fish to feed, have very the stomach that develop, alvine way is short, swim rapid, appropriate intensive is changed breed, per unit area yield is very high. Rainbow trout opposite retains water quality the demand is very high, pollute somewhat cannot live namely, for tall cold fish, accordingly by accepted for natural green food. NamelyShanghai night net

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Make be in cafeteria cistern, also need what artificial flowing water makes sure tall dissolve oxygen makes to survive.

Rainbow trout or value of a kind of nutrition are extremely high, high protein, low cholesterol, the pleasant ammonia that contains lack of general fish place is acerbity, the content of vitamin A, B and microelement iron also is other fish place not as good as. Rainbow trout color is pink, grain clarity, be born with Japanese fish common deep-sea 3 article fish is euqally comfortable at eating raw, taste the flesh pledges fragile tender bright slips.

1. prepares piscine head, ginger, chinese prickly ash, green paragraph.

How does rainbow trout do chaffy dish?

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Shanghai noble baby

Rise in 2. boiler lardy.

3. joins ginger, chinese prickly ash.

4. joins piscine head to break up fry. Forum of 1000 the Long Feng that spend a net

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5. adds water, Love Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Add a few salt to boil soup bottom.

6. is boiled to Shang Bai.

7. joins celery, green paragraph, gourmet powder.

8. is filled in the basin.

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1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

9. fish paragraph with 13 sweet, fabaceous valve, salt, gourmet powder souse.

The fish that 10. has bloated.

11. prepares Gan Gongjiao, ginger, chinese prickly ash, anise, cassia bark, green paragraph, celery, chaffy dish oil.

How does rainbow trout do chaffy dish?

Oil has in 12. boiler.

13. joins ginger, chinese prickly ash, anise, cassia bark explodes sweet.

14. adds chaffy dish oil.

15. joins fabaceous valve to fry sweet.

16. joins Gan Gongjiao, Fall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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Gourmet powder boils footing.

17. boils good footing to fall into piscine soup basin, asperse on green paragraph, celery leaf.

18. is placed distribute food, begin to brush boiler.

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