Dongguan ability changes a talent to search an enterprise hard to hire difficult heavy gold to throw automation equipment

(original title: Ability changes Dongguan example: The talent after machine substitution more be short of)

[Below the market pressure that does not upgrade to be washed out, dongguan place proprietor of an enterprises had set foot on the way that ability changes mostly, from past government the passive ability of the type that play a side changes turn to compete to get used to the market actively, even if is not certain to prospective order business cautiously attempt produces link investment to transform capital in the part]

Grabbing a worker almost now, the salary of casual breaks up one times still can not enrol a person certainly. We rely on technical reformation to promote automation the standard below this kind of circumstance, reduce choose and employ persons, to high this year exact installation cost 20 million yuan are controlled last year. Recently, dongguan advocate the Guangdong that component of battalion mobile phone produces Chen Yi of dispatch Inc. general manager tells Jiesaitong reporter of the first finance and economics.

Although this amount is not small, but no matter he is willing, technical reformation has become hasten of general trends place. In industrial worker the in short supply, cost that use worker worker rises ceaselessly, the technology changes wait for heavy pressure to fall, the enterprise is weighing gold to throw, increase ability to change investment, drive transition to upgrade.

Recently, reporter of the first finance and economics visited Dongguan of manufacturing industry town of military importance, this city is casting off pair of low end of manufacturing industry depend on, be badly in need of technical reformation. Below the market pressure that does not upgrade to be washed out, local proprietor of an enterprises had set foot on the way that ability changes mostly, from past government the passive ability of the type that play a side changes turn to compete to get used to the market actively, even if is not certain to prospective order business cautiously attempt produces link investment to transform capital in the part. Meanwhile, the talent challenge that after ability changes, brings also is an issue that they need to face.

Industry 1 with 3 coexisted situations need ability changes

Ability changes, just as its name implies is to show the enterprise is implementation technology progress, stimulative product to upgrade replacement, use new technology, new technology, new facility, new data, produce a service to wait to having condition of establishment, craft to reach undertake transforming, update and promote, implementation connotation type develops. Apparent, the enterprise wants to carry qualitative synergism upgrades and stabilize growth continuously, ability changes a meaning great.

In recent years, the country published corresponding ability to change policy, in order to enhance industrial competition ability. Each district government also is being answered in succession. Dongguan city economy and informatization bureau data show, 2017 1~7 month, ability of Dongguan city industry changes investment 18.07 billion yuan, grow 43.4% compared to the same period, than last year the corresponding period promotes 36.2 percent. This year 1~7 month, investment of Wuhan technical reformation amounts to sixty-three billion seven hundred and thirty-six million yuan, grow 1.2 times. Same time paragraph, sichuan saves whole society technical reformation to invest accumulative total to finish 398.4 billion yuan, grow 17.8% , technical reformation investment achieved two digit growth. Ability of the Anhui province changes investment to also finish three hundred and ninety-five billion five hundred and eighty million yuan, grow 14.2% , amplitude is compared the corresponding period increased 4.6 percent last year.

According to the data that statistical bureau publishs the country recently, this year 1~7 month, the ability in manufacturing industry changes investment four thousand seven hundred and fifty-seven billion six hundred million yuan, grow 10.3% , entire manufacturing industry invests increasing ratio 5.5 tall percent. Transition upgrades the investment growth of the respect is rapidder, also mean manufacturing industry to invest a structure to optimize advancing continuously.

Integrated development academy (Chinese Shenzhen) of Zheng Yu of information ministry minister is analysed to reporter of the first finance and economics, countrywide macroeconomic is pretty good first half of the year this year, ability changes investment growth is rapid it is very normal.

According to data of national statistic bureau, this year first half of the year GDP381490 100 million yuan, grow 6.9% compared to the same period. In July, xing Zhihong of director of integrated statistic department uses economy of spokesman of news of national statistic bureau, countryman two words generalize the characteristic that economy runs first half of the year: It is steady pattern more consolidate, 2 it is good posture more apparent.

Zheng Yu says, in recent years ability changes equipment to suffer take seriously, because big and Chinese manufacturing industry is not strong, certain and traditional industry not only the technology is defective, equipment standard also is no good, need changes through ability will promote transition to upgrade.

Not long ago, zheng Yu goes southeast ministry when industry of garment of some province survey, discover on the low side of the technical level of whole of local this industry and equipment automation level, some sticks serial section or hand. He says: Industrial standard of China is much level, you can see very backward, also can see very advanced. Industry 1, 2 and 3 exist at the same time, the integral standard between enterprise of unlike Germany manufacturing industry is relative for, more consistent.

Wu of duty of finance of the institute austral Zhongshan university mountain fastens director Lin Jiang to tell the first finance and economics the reporter, ability changes is China’s peculiar proper-noun, involve two levels, it is the technology with existing promotion, if before you make a mouth, want 上海千花社区

to turn to do now inside need, so product line turns directly coming over is no good, must get undertake technical reformation. E.g. : Selling American product applicable voltage is 110V, selling home applicable voltage is 220V, product line cannot be changed directly.

Another level is the investment of new technology. Lin Jiang explains: E.g. , past product line produces an electron yuan parts of an apparatus, the enterprise plans to use this electron now yuan the technology of parts of an apparatus makes finished product or semi-manufactured goods, be compared with past photograph even if upgraded, this kind upgrades the process changes with respect to need ability.

Ability changes to include to introduce new facility and technology not only, also mix closely related research and development, many industries are light both confuse sth with sth else. Lin Jiang says: Ability changes in the center the element that includes research and development. Research and development must combine technical talent to become ability to change, cannot say research and development belongs to ability to change purely. In addition, ability changes to also involve other factors, build factory building for example. Cannot say purely to build workshop not to belong to ability to change, it is current equipment so for instance, want to transform special device now, the workshop in the past did not suit, want to transform new factory building, so this builds workshop to also can calculate for what ability changes form a complete set do ability to change investment. This is the concept of a broad sense.

Ability changes effect get effect instantly

Current, dongguan has company of many 120 thousand industry, involve 30 many industries and the system of whole manufacturing industry of a variety of 60 thousand products, the industry of 4 big characteristic such as the industry of 5 big pillar such as electronic information and furniture.

In Dongguan low end industrial concentration, driving technical reformation a few this years energetically all the time. With respect to the large market garrison post that takes one of economic powerful garrison posts, investment of industry of whole first quarter this year town grows 29.6% , among them industrial ability changes investment growth to be as high as 125.7% , industrial production continuance picks up posture, course of study of compasses go to work raises a cost 3.497 billion yuan, grow 7.5% compared to the same period.

Large market presses down a personage of the government to express to reporter of the first finance and economics, ability changes investment amplitude to turn over times first quarter this year, although because a few big purposes are pulled,be,move, but include large market a few this years inside each towns are in Dongguan to undertake ability changes continuously, no matter be government or enterprise,have very strong enthusiasm.

The Dongguan that once was world plant experienced the pressing sex that ability changes early, it is early ten years ago the journey that began ability to change.

Controlled 2000, dongguan raises one wall 3 achieve 5 try to be the first. Among them, one city is to point to famous city of modern manufacturing industry, 3 achieving is to point to want innovation to develop pattern, innovation develops system, innovation expands capacity. But arrived 2005, industrial policy just begins to carry out truly. Party school of Dongguan municipal Party committee teachs the memory when Cha Risheng is accepting reporter of the first finance and economics to interview: 2005, dongguan begins to take innovation of science and technology and ability seriously to change more, put forward 5 Dongguan at that time, having among them is Dongguan of science and technology.

At that time, laborer barren is full of the word of historical sense this to begin to appear, labor shortage appears inside countrywide limits, be in bead trigonometry particularly apparent, the discussion of manpower resource inflection point and issue of person lipstick profit rises ardently gradually. Dongguan also faces the situation with in short supply land, labor is concentrated model the enterprise should take the land no longer so easy. Below double pressure, local enterprise is pressing should improve labor productivity, change from ability on think way.

Cha Risheng says, ability of these a few years changes Dongguan investment carries addition current all the time, because manpower cost rises, company move is less than a person, strengthen intelligence to change with respect to need, informatization and automation these 3, these 3 involve ability to change.

The effect is get effect instantly. City of dress brand Dongguan tells the first finance and economics the reporter with Liu Jinzhi of assistant president of pure gro上海龙凤论坛

up limited company, the company is investing many yuan 1000 to undertake to total storehouse intelligence is changed, after automation is transformed, need a few people to move the storehouse that moves to need a person to be operated through computer only now so, improved work efficiency, also make worker job some more relaxed, tarry worker.

In a workshop of the industry pattern furniture that is located in large market town, factory director Zhou Wenxue wears in noisy machine voice middle finger the equipment of brand new introduces to reporter of the first finance and economics: Of these equipment petty gain want many yuan 70, carbonado for example edge machine; Want expensively mi上海千花社区

llions of yuan, e.g. the numerical control of the entrance the platoon gets hole puncher. These are bought this year, although was spent about the same 20 million yuan, but our order is stable, production had not stopped, it is worth while to spend this money. Because light is,come from economic labor power say, a machine 爱上海同城

can replace 3 workers at least. Model furniture lasts a few this years a good deal of investment, buy new facility, undertake ability changes.

The government supports strength successively tall

Dongguan ability changes the backside of like a raging fire, it is local government gives aid to of strength go tall step by step. This year the beginning of the year, dongguan municipal government is in a Wen Zhongzheng type offerred municipal government 2017 times increase a plan, specific content includes to plan 300 million yuan of fund, special sup上海贵族宝贝论坛

port industry times add progress; Plan as a whole annual 20% what whole town land uses annual plan index, use technically at solving pilot enterprise to expand demand; Encourage pilot enterprise to change industry measure in order to be versed in to raise the 20 policy dried food such as land utilization rate, of strength big, infrequent in city of countrywide manufacturing industry.

Times adding the window that the plan highlights is, go to those who make individuation giving aid to besides the characteristic that differs according to each enterprises and demand outside policy, still take out a batch to apply to the general benefit policy of all and pilot enterprise, but give aid to strength is in before the industry gives aid to on the foundation of policy double.

After afore-mentioned plans are released, liang Weidong of vice secretary of Dongguan municipal Party committee, mayor expresses publicly also: Dongguan should have the breadth of spirit that can fight a way of a blood, fulfil an article, realize an industry to expand quality and benefit times add.

Many enterprises had taken true gold silver of the government. Li Zhen of model furniture general manager says to reporter of the first finance and economics: These ability that we make this year change a project to involve machine substitution, can apply for allowance to the government. If our soft hardware is,from Dongguan mainland the enterprise is bought, can allowance 15% ; If be bought from nonlocal enterprise, allowance wants a bit less, but also have 10% .

Machine substitution is one of main way that local ability changes. Dongguan was in early 2014 the whole nation takes the lead in starting machine substitution action to plan, establish 2014~2016 year 200 million yuan of annual Pu Hui sexes give aid to capital, establish city of 200 million yuan of provinces to build financing of medium and small businesses to rent special fund to wait in all.

According to the data that Dongguan city provides via letter bureau, came in September 2014 on January 31, 2017, declare machine substitution special fund project 2698, total investment makes an appointment with 38.6 billion yuan, the project is counted and investment all is saved for Guangdong the first. After the project is finished, labor productivity raises 2.5 times on average, product percent of pass arrives on average from 86.1% promotion 90.7% , unit product cost drops on average 9.43% , decrease relatively with labour nearly 200 thousand person.

Traditional proprietor of an enterprise envies ability to change the effect to new and high enterprise

Model furniture held water 2004, 34 years ago because furniture property prices is low,confuse begin to increase ability to change investment. Although new facility lets them be mixed in economic labor power,raise the savor on efficiency benefit, but they also suffer strand the characteristic at furniture industry.

Li Zhen says: We have some of link on production or want to lean labor power, return to equipment cannot too depend on, because of furniture or traditional industry, some link machine was not done good-lookingly artificially. He shows the desk horn citing of an office says, desk horn is artificial and OK burnish is gotten very fruity, the machine is very difficult.

Besides working procedure not as good as a few new and high industries are good transform besides, the proprietor of an enterprise of partial convention trade also envies ability to change larger to new and high enterprise force: Expenditure may be fewer, addition profit may be more.

Dongguan is new and high the example that company of equipment of cleanness of state of technical company state is a model. This department this year besid上海夜网

es the instrument that bought the test precision and so on that uses for research and development, also introduced a new production line. This automation line is used at assembling their equipment, cost is not high, 100 thousand yuan or so, but effect is not little.

This company production organizes department chief Liu Quanguang to introduce to reporter of the first finance and economics: Manpower reduced 3 workers at least, our branch has 10 workers so. Pay of a worker 4000 yuan. Social security also is the expenditure with not small brushstroke, the social security that company of a month makes to the individual is 500 multivariate, add last people to hand in 200 yuan, altogether 700 multivariate, mix plus food celebrate a festival welfare and so on, a worker wants a month 559 yuan.

Liu Quanguang calculates carefully come down, consider from economic manpower cost merely, after buying this to cover automation line, probably 5~6 the month called in cost.

Economic manpower cost still is not big head. Liu Quanguang says: More important is, our manufacturing efficiency raised 50% above, with can installing 20 only before today, can install 32 above now, produce can enlarge a half. A sale price is controlled in 20 thousand yuan, one day can increase 240 thousand yuan, come down one year to be able to increase a sale of 100 million almost. And compare with traditional manufacturing industry rise, additional cost affirms our product a lot of taller. If be on manufacturing facilities and craft,do some transform greatly, the scope that increases in value and profit will be far exceed a few traditional businesses.

Change to hit out actively from passive ability

So, are these labor concentrated model are enterprise and new and high company real does ability change progress how? Electronic information industry is one of industries of Dongguan pillar sex, yin Jianwen of secretary-general of guild of this city electron says to reporter of the first finance and economics, the new and high enterprise inside electronic industry is to making automation mostly, come a few this years they a lot of people are in understanding how does ability change. Although neither one is exact number, but estimation 7 had undertaken into above ability changes, the range that ability changes involves software and hardware.

The traditional estate company inside electronic industry changes in ability on apprehension must want many a little bit possibly. Yin Jianwen says: There also are a few enterprises to belong to labor inside electronic industry concentrated model industry, need hand is much. To these enterprises, ability changes basically is in equipment this one, go up new facility or machine substitution. But wait for a few traditions with furniture the industry is similar, change rise to be bothered quite, working procedure is done without electronic automation this one good transform, very much relevant company wants not quite.

Besides not quite good transform besides, these enterprises also whether do the investment that apprehension changes to ability and redound become direct ratio. Concentrated to labor model the enterprise, ability changes ground of need big range to replace facility, installation is bit finer want 10 thousand yuan about a hundred, general also want hundred thousands of yuan, proprietor of an enterprise may perturbed: Threw so much money, when can you just answer this? And if ask a few people more, not much also money, a month does not pass a person 349 yuan.

Yin Jianwen says: These companies are not little it is acting treatment, be afraid that order is not stable, concern invests the benefit after ability changes. Unlike is new and high enterprise, competition ability is strong, do not be afraid of without order.

Nevertheless, labor is concentrated model the pressing sex that company ability changes is stronger, add the ability that travels together oneself to change pressure, no matter the proprietor of an enterprise wishs to not be willing, begin to set foot on the way that ability changes, ability is corrected move toward from passivity active.

Yin Jianwen discovers, major member company is going toward this direction, even if is capital nervous or not quite affirmatory to prospective order state, also moved carefully, go up in a certain working procedure for example first ability changes, buy a few product line, save hand.

He also discovers, have a share labor is concentrated model the enterprise was increased even the investment that go up changes in ability, although the amount is not very much, but this is a welcome sign. Because economic big environment is improved somewhat, order becomes much, from the sky of workshop buy rate can see, dongguan of the year before last year returns available workshop, but cannot see almost this year, workshop is better now rental. Of course, improve besides economy, also a few enterprises that partial reason is Shenzhen move the past.

The talent is challenged

Subsequently and the challenge that those who come is a talent. Early the electronic industry proprietor of an enterprise that moves the plant a few years Dongguan from Shenzhen says to reporter of the first finance and economics, after ability changes, to the talent’s quality the demand rises, need more the technician operation of high quality is new, advanced equipment, want process designing for example, and before is a worker look at a machine to run to go. And, the requirement according to the product wants at any time in using a process now or working procedure will change process designing, this kind of talented person is not quite nice in Dongguan action. Big plant brand is put aside in that, be close friends action a few, the person that coolie factory needs is little, action rise fast also, like us such not quite not small shop is enrolled the hardest. He says.

Model furniture also encounters same worry. Li Zhen says: The applied talented person that sends all manufacturing industry to go up in new facility, new software shorts. We paid attention to the education of pair of worker master workers only in the past, lay in the talent of this respect without beautiful energy, can enrol from outside only now, but such person with ability on the market is less, it is not just in Dongguan. This is a small numerous domain, although learn the person of software a big, but those who be used in furniture industry is not much.

He complements: Next, we change the investment that go up to be able to keep stable or should grow moderately in ability, won’t grow too fast. Otherwise if go too fast, ourselves also does not follow to go up.

Since 2011, dongguan throws 1 billion yuan every year, implement talent Dongguan strategy energetically, it is cent of talent of high administrative levels 5 kinds big: 3 kinds of 2 kinds of a kind of fancy talent, talent, talents, talents and 4 kinds of talents. These 5 kinds of talents all can be mixed in housing, taxation the respect such as filial enter a school enjoys privilege and advantage.

2015 the end of the year, branch of resource of Dongguan city labor power drafted document of 5 talents policy, involve common skill talented person. New politics include: 12 kinds of talents enter a Dongguan doorsill to fall again; By city finance each every months highest aid financially 5000 yuan, the high post that arrangement reads international course class, medium duty student communicates 3~6 to exercitation of the institution of higher learing outside the condition month; The enterprise is entered from the ability that criticize a person door, join staff a transfer to a lower level of power to make decisions to give 7 kinds of companies; To developing the business that skill talent evaluates, allowance of every evaluation type of work wait 30 thousand yuan.

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