Hai Changhua plans to use 30 million have unused capital to buy product of conduct financial transactions oneself

Chinese net f上海千花网

inance and economics on July 20 dispatch on July 20, hai Changhua releases announcement to say, plan to use oneself unused capital does not exceed 30 million, buy product of conduct financial transactions.

Announcement shows, hai Changhua plans to use what amount does not exceed 30 million yuan to oneself unused cap上海同城对对碰交友社区

ital is bought short-term protect this mo爱上海龙凤419桑拿

del or the product of financial orgnaization conduct financial transactions of low risk. The use that afore-mentioned foreheads spend comes since the day that shareholder plenary meeting carries effective on August 7, 2018, it is OK that the investment inside period of efficacy is spent scroll is used.

Hai Changhua says, the product of conduct financial transactions that the compa上海龙凤论坛


ny drafts to buy is a risk inferior product of kind of conduct financial transactions, usually earnings stability, risk can accuse, but get money market macroscopical economy and the influence with fluctuant market, do not eliminate yield to have certain unpredictability.

Show according to publishing a material, hai Changhua hanged out his shingle on March 10, 2015 new 3 board, be located in fundamental layer at present. The company basically pursues the c爱上海同城

arrying trade on water.

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