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[entrance milk powder exposes to the sun again sham] a few days ago, cereal of Shandong aid peaceful gold makes coal tub pack the 11 life produce and sale such as limited company, Chen Mingjiang to make work case of sham infant milkings is in Shanghai open a court session of court of the 3rd intermediate people is tried. And meanwhile, came out again Lithuania hunts down large quantities of copy to risk the fake Fosan that loves milk powder of edition of his goodness country discover hundreds box is sham inside one workshop the message of milk powder, for a short while, the topic of sham milk powder is paid close attention to extensively once more by public opinion.


n of 11 tons of sham Germany loves his beauty to be investigated

A production that branch of Shanghai public security uncovered last year, sale is sham elegant because of,earth up shellfish case of beautiful milk powder, after classics media exposure, cause enormous attention. In April 2016, highest check releases a message to say in government-owned net, in September 2015, menyifacha is in Shanghai the Ministry of Public Security to cross the whole nation to save city copy to risk case of brand baby milk powder more together. Guilty suspect Chen Mou, Tang Mou organizes other to be modelled on label of canister of sham brand milk powder, brand, buy cheap, cheap or blame baby milk powder, in illegal treatment dot canister puts on carry out, add up to production sold sham powdered milk 17 thousand more than canister, gain profit illegally near 2 million yuan.

And be in not long ago, have powdered milk of a foreign capital again by sham. The message that occupies net of Lithuanian police officer shows, on March 2, official of investigation bureau of Lithuanian economy crime the county that in Lithuanian capital Weierniusi is in the county hunts down Weierniusi exceed edition of big batch Germany to love him fake of beautiful milk powder. This batches of purposes are in the false milk powder of sale of European Union state amounts to 18 thousand to weigh 11 tons.

Current, the company is cooperating local government sector, to AptamilGUM1+ paragraph with AptamilGUM2+ paragraph product (edition of article of 600 grams carton, heart is packed, argent inner packing bag) the likelihood suffers copy to risk be related to undertake investigating. Love his beauty parent company to amount to can chief expresses related Niudixiya, milk powder of experience false version is packed for heart article edition, sell in China without official channel, still show without information this approves a product to flow into China at present.

Through our investigation, we can have affirmed Lithuania the sham Germany edition of case of this batch of experience loves him beautiful milk powder did not flow to Chinese market. On March 27, the Lithuania that is in charge of investigating this case crime of economy of prefectural police headquarters investigates Weierniusi the bureau is advanced investigate a Gediminasi (when Gedimino Zagorbininas) responds to media to interview, say so. Approve the issue of specific flow direction of sham milk powder about this nevertheless, because keep secret,he expresses to need to cannot disclose.

It is reported, the product that this abroad is seized risks love for copy edition of his goodness country is packed, namely 600 grams carton, argent inner packing bag. And love store of flagship of his beauty government and Niudixiya the love that store of abroad government flagship introduces China he is beautiful the product has canned only, it is 800g of edition of 900g of edition of Chinese of 800g of simplified Chinese edition, platinum, Germany, Australia to install 900g of edition of article of golden edition 900g, heart formerly respectively in all 5 products.

If Chinese consumer buys is s新上海贵族宝贝论坛

ale of official authorization channel to go up,have the product of simplified Chinese, nonexistent this problem. Amount to can afore-mentioned controller express Niudixiya, the product standards that the channel of Chinese market accredit sells is 800 grams, OK and apparent judgement gave consumer to whether buy fake. As we have learned, at present Chinese consumer can love store of flagship of cat of his beauty day, Niudixiya namely through official channel store of abroad government flagship, and the tripartite platform that passes accredit buys Chinese edition to love him beautiful milk powder.

Phenomenon: Case of sham entrance milk powder is sent more

Amount to can Niudixiya it may be said is killed shamly by. Before this, ke Ruikang announces to exit Chinese market, the analysis says at that time, because the fake of the Ke Ruikang on market is at present too much, have a few even fake product, amount to can the respect is afraid of have an accident, the sale product that gets on market so retreats city in succession, lest draw fire against oneself.

In fact, brand of entrance milk powder by sham be not a case. Comb discovery according to media, 2015 – the adjudicative document that published 2016 shows, home appeared 3 cases to be suspected of the big case of sham entrance milk powder in all, involve elegant earth up, the many well-known trademarks such as happy treasure, amount of integral experience record exceeds 600 thousand canister.

According to media analysis, from the point of the case detail information of exposure, milk powder built a holiday to had appeared collectivize, specialization operational sign, company of partial experience record from purchase cent of raw material of packets of low is big pink to install, declare at customs to sham entrance writ and quarantine proof, declare at customs finally company storehouse swims one day pretend to be an entrance, each link gimmick are adept and full-time of person specially assigned for a task is in charge of, had deceived professional milk powder dealer even.

Senior analyst Song Liang represents lacteal industry, the phenomenon of milk powder of mouth of false rash advance really very general, some are home makes a holiday, still having a few is overseas makes a holiday, batch smuggling enters our country churchyard. Normally the channel such as by cable business has this kind of powdered milk the sale on the line, or the store of baby of a few mothers that enters 34 lines town, by inn-keeper and true goods jumbly sell together.

Song Liang thinks, to crossing condition the attention that buys powdered milk depends on mainly fake the product floods the market. Fake the pr爱上海同城论坛

oduct has a few kinds of mediums commonly, it is with low end milk powder is changed pack high-end milk powder, 2 be change common milk powder into milk powder of sell like hot cakes, 3 be fast overdue milk powder changes be on sale of the reentry that pack to make work. He discloses, the of great capacity that has a problem at present cleans out entrance milk powder to basically undertake making a holiday in abroad.

Introduce according to the personage inside course of study, false brand mil爱上海龙凤419桑拿

k powder undertakes dividing selling through the network mostly. Early before, already discovered inside course of study there is problem of existence of milk powder of brand of not little low on the network, allege partly especially the brand milk powder of the entrance. The reporter ever had seen from forum of partial mother baby, have the entrance brand powdered milk that consumer report buys on the net, from the bag mount, milk powder develops the case of bubble, the feeling is not right, differ somewhat with what buy before oneself, suspicion is false milk powder.

Proposal: Milk powder enterprise builds system of product date from as soon as possible

According to moxa intermediary advisory data shows, chinese imports and exports crossed condition cable business 2016 (contain retail reach B2B) whole to trade dimensions is achieved 6.3 trillion. To 2018, chinese imports and exports crosses whole of condition cable business to trade dimensions predicts to will be achieved 8.8 trillion. Chinese sea cleaned out user dimensions to achieve 2016 41 million, cross high speed of condition cable business to develop backside, consumer is cleaned out in the sea, cross condition buy a process experience is fake those who taste complain in recent years the amount also is in rise sharply.

In recent years, as the sea those who buy on sb’s behalf is n爱上海同城论坛

aughty, arisen, many mom can choose to buy powdered milk of entrance infant recipe with these means. Beautiful to loving him at this by sham, the personage inside course of study gave out what buy on sb’s behalf or cross condition cable business to superintend difficulty really bigger deep feeling. Because the fragment of milk powder origin is changed, platform cable business cannot identify correctly to milk powder origin, plus mostly sham milk powder it is production of abroad small mill, the branch is supervised to cannot dog related abroad check.

Difficult to tracing to the source this one problem, when Zhang Yi of moxa intermediary advisory CEO is accepting southern daily reporter to interview before this, think, get to the bottom of sth or cost throw a question, be in at present electric business platform have not below the circumstance of gain, cross condition cable business to be willing to throw high cost to undertake the product traces to the source without a few, it is difficult to trace to the source it is excuse only.

Occupy Zhang Yi to observe, normally problem product appears on the platform that crosses condition cable business through two kinds of ways, it is the mode stock up that the market that goes to place through the individual buys directly, such straight battalion businessman is called to buy a hand normally, buy a hand to buy fake to bring back home in place likely; 2 it is a product it is actually produce in home, just stick foreign brand label, a kind of circumstance is compared after common. The cost that makes a holiday in the foreign country should be gotten higher than buying quality goods much, and the punishment making a holiday that does not say to face high specified number, carrying fake on the back to comparative to our country custom from custom of the other side troublesome, and home makes false illegal cost low, consumer discerns very hard. Zhang Yi says.

Song Liang suggests, milk powder of domestic and international brand should build system of oneself product date from as soon as possible, in order to maintain oneself brand and consumer interest, the country feeds medical inspect total bureau to might as well talk about with manufacturer of foreign brand milk powder, every did not build retroactive to be able to exit home market instantly, in order to uphold market order.

Wake: Cross supply of goods of condition cable business miscellaneous, need to admit allow 4 labels

As home consumption upgrades, cross industry of condition cable business increasingly flourishingly. But cross the supply of goods with condition cable complex business to also bring food safety hidden trouble for consumer. 2016, national quality is supervised examine quarantine total bureau (qualitative check total bureau) to crossing provision of condition cable business, cosmetic, gross risk monitored 26273 batches. Among them, fraction defective is 4.6% , 5 times taller than normal commerce channel much.

Cross condition cable business at present to basically have mode of stock up of free tax zone of two kinds of mode and straight mail pattern. Below mode of the stock up that keep tax, abroad entrance product is in when entering home to maintain duty warehouse, need to 上海贵族宝贝交流区

provide letter of country of origin, supervise through custom and national quality examine a series of examinations of quarantine total bureau and put on record, and the straight mail mode that crosses condition cable business partly does not need certificate of country of origin.

Face cross the supply of goods with condition cable complex business, is consumer in choose and buy from time to tome what basis? Provision of group of big China of volition of the heart austral T V, healthy, beauty protects a Liu Yang of advanced project engineer to warn customer, can examine certificate through watching label, watch news of a form code, check this 4 action undertake those who import food differentiate, in order to buy the entrance food to qualification, protect oneself legitimate rights and interests.

See packet of mount whether have Chinese ticket. The content of label wants not only as identical as foreign language content, still must include the following content: Food name, burden composition, clean content and solid content content, former produce a country or date of production of area, goods, expiration period, store up guideline, make, pack, the name of the name of cent outfit or distribute unit and address, franchisee in our country home.

2 look to whether stick the CIQ sign that laser prevents bogus. CIQ is China examines the abbreviate of quarantine, this mark that prevent bogus is begin from 2000 to examining the import provision of quarantine qualification is united add stick. If do not have condition of our country discrepancy to examine,the CIQ that quarantine bureau opens indicates, consumer has authority to be asked for to agency examine certificate of import provision sanitation.

3 see a product form code. Encode has uniqueness, it asks a project of a commodity, manufacturer or a country (area) have a code only, when commodity project, manufacturer, country (area) already affirmatory, never change. And commodity a group of numbers in form code set a nation even (area) , manufacturer and commodity, the code label that code of project of this kind of commodity can assure commodity is in a country (area) and even worldwide inside it is specific and exclusive. For example, prepositive code is of 471 is Chinese Taiwan production, of 84 is Spanish production, of 000-019, 030-039, 060-139 is American production, of 690-695 produce for chinese mainland, of 94 is New Zealand production, 45-49 is Japanese made wait. Consumer is when provision of import of choose and buy, should the food that sales resistance does not have a form to pile up.

4 see agency have without certificate of import provision sanitation. This certificate is to examine quarantine branch examines to importing food sign and issue after quarantine is eligible. Import provision should be made clear to include the detailed information that produces lot number inside on certificate. Have commodity card correspondence only, ability proves this food is truly lawful entrance.

But, chase after the consumer that boosts import provision to still think the ability that has complete foreign language to pack is true former outfit entrance to great majority, but is the fact such really? To this Liu Yang warns customer, according to active code, via examining the quarantine qualification, entrance food that has Chinese ticket just can enter a country sale. So, without the import provision of Chinese label, all belong to the food that is not normal channel entrance, have quite big risk.

Food label a window as food, consumer need knows the real property of food through ground of Chinese label be clear at a glance. But fall in current market environment, existing to import food to lack information of Chinese label, Chinese ticket not complete, shopkeeper is added by oneself at will stick the illegal behavior chaos such as Chinese label to resemble, disturb the product with correct and right consumer preference badly. Liu Yang warns customer, the country asks to import food to offer Chinese ticket, it is to make sure consumer can be understood composition is expressed and protect the information such as qualitative date, facilitating customer chooses to buy according to oneself constitution. For instance, cannot have the customer of the food with the high volume that contain sugar, or lactose is not able to bear or endure the customer that get, because this is bought,may buy unsuited the food of own edible.

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