Interactive exposure of 100 divisions vocabulary entry what circumstance? Interactive what problem do 100 divisions have? Industrial and commercial the same night is driven go to the spot

Login register text of news of finance and economics of center of news of the network austral Fujian to interact exposure of 100 divisions vocabulary entry what circumstance? Interactive what problem do 100 divisions have? Is industrial and commercial the same night driven go to spot origin: ? ?2017-03-16 12:0 of this ┣ A OuEdition of electron of Metropolis Daily of 1 Http:// channel

Extremely businessman of whip of acid of ferment of alga 5S, B365, filling heparin, nerve, celestial being needs to spend on thousands of yuan only, these strange health care the name of an article say or the vocabulary entry of famous person of sham medical establishment, industry can be ascended interactive 100 divisions, thereby seek business interest. Last night, exposure of evening party of CCTV 3 15 chain of this kind of business, interactive 100 divisions immediately deleted the relevant vocabulary entry that is call-overed.

According to our country ” food safety law ” regulation, food advertisement must not contain false content, must not involve function of disease precaution, cure. With the Shanghai of 5S of manufacturing pole alga knows yuan of company to be exemple, use 100 divisions vocabulary entry, its hall and the ground of emperor will restrain tumor to grow apparently waited for banned content to release come out. Shanghai heart knows Li Xi of yuan of vise general manager of limited company of electronic business affairs to express, undertak爱上海同城

e popularizing with scientific name, carry such kind, the sale that the heart knows yuan of company product is unusually hot, he discloses, with respect to this extremely alga 5S sheet is tasted, a month sells near 10 thousand, sale most flourishing when can achieve 15 thousand.

Interactive the vocabulary entry that there still are many medic新上海贵族宝贝论坛

al establishment and industry famous person on 100 divisions. In Shaanxi always show in vocabulary entry of outpatient service of birthday Shao Xiaozheng’s doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, this outpatient service is located in Shaanxi to save always birthday county, already had hundred years history up to now, but through investigation, shao Xiaozheng’s record of formal schooling and medical treatment hold trade news is belonged to forge.

As we have learned, interactive of 100 divisions build vocabulary entry oneself cent is expended to pay and free two kinds. Interactive vocabulary entry uses approach paying fee, allow an user to upload false hyperbole content. Be not accorded with and frozen content, after be being expended because of capture, can realize defrost, dummy product ascends vocabulary entry of about a hundred division smoothly.

CCTV reporter is in interactive 100 divisions pay opens 4800 yuan the name is service of claim of 100 divisions vocabulary entry, do not need to offer business certificate and audit check sheet of health food advertisement to be able to open bogus health care to taste vocabulary entry. The vocabulary entry of the albumin of earthworm of product Chinese cassia tree of CCTV r上海千花网论坛

eporter fiction is in without any relevant aptitude, below the circumstance that also does not have health food lot number, successful ground ascended dummy product to interact the platform of 100 divisions. This tasting is health food, reduce the functional sex description such as 3 tall harms to appear markedly.

The intelligence with true health food is particularly whole too little, 10 have 爱上海同城

pretty good. Interactive 100 divisions clerk says, not only the product can spend money to go up, the person is same OK also. In pay 1980 yuan later, xu Zhi ascended the king of old traditional Chinese medical science of CCTV reporter fiction successfully also to interact 100 divisions, everything needed is ready of achievement of resume, scientific research阿拉爱上海同城

, professional specialty.

Last night, haidian is industrial and commercial substation interacts in CCTV exposure Beijing after Inc. of technology of 100 branches network is suspected of releasing the circumstance of false information, the enrollment that drove this to the enterprise for a short while the ground undertakes the spot is checked.

After reaching the spot, execute the law personnel took technical step, tone takes relevant and financial data, tiring-room system data, contract to reach collect fees bill, had webpage cut hold, undertake spot evidence solidify. Take a contract through tone, haidian is industrial and commercial execute the law personnel is preliminary discover this company has the case that takes the form that collect fees to release information for the user.

Door of The Ministry of Commerce and Industry expresses, the evidential stuff that takes exchange next undertakes integration analysis grinds sentence, once check solid existence to violate act, will investigate lawfully.

After classics CCTV exposure, interactive 100 divisions were deleted last night afore-mentioned be tasted阿拉爱上海同城

to reach doctor vocabulary entry by the false health care of exposure. Baidu dog of 100 divisions, search 100 divisions release statement to allege early or late with 360 100 divisions: Do not have any collecting fees era arranges a service.

Interactive last night 100 divisions release statement to say, be aimed at interactive 100 divisions are in examine and verify of vocabulary entry content and the problem that respect of client aptitude examine and verify exists express cordial apology. After the program reports, establish action group immediately, comprehensive platoon examines content of website vocabulary entry, rectify and reform flow of examine and verify of vocabulary entry content immediately, get offline not to accord with the vocabulary entry of 100 families level and unqualified client advertisement. (civil / Wang Wei of reporter Li Jia photographs / Liu Xiyu)

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