Man-machine is big struggle hard of clean of battle head bureau stalking or branch loses Alphago brachylogy answers get victory

The 2nd times 3 chesses pull open man-machine big fight as agreed upon today big screen, ke Jie hold black the new edition Alphago after upgrading to battle, through hassle, in Ke Jie dish lose. Alphago with 1:0Temporarily banner. Bilateral the 2nd dish of match general at 25 proceed. ” ” big Zhan Kejie of black town man-machine is right battle AlphaGo chess manual of the first bureau

This bureau match clean stalking or branch hold black go ahead of the rest, the secret weapon that opened bureau hold a 上海千花网

memorial ceremony for to give the closest Xiu Lian 33 take part, the astral small order that white chess Ying Yiping altogethers. Breakpoint of fruit of the 7th hand enters Ke Jie white horoscopical 33, with the action of Master the law copes with Alphago. But Alphag上海龙凤论坛

o uses wonderful order to t阿拉爱上海同城

each Ke Jie immediately, leave bureau 33 not be bit more informal. Bai Qi flies outside first, pull in 2 next, coerce black chess eats off 2 one child, be able to be over a periphery, fetched apparent petty gain. Magical is this local the 33 as it happens of black chess top left corner bring上海龙凤论坛sh1f

less than asking for, visible Alphago is in any local it is to be based on overall situation to get the better of rate come of play chess.

Infiltrate to the left subsequently black blast in fighting, face fastigium of black chess strong, alphago put to good use dot of successive and common fist, lean, stick, crowded, strong get sth done without any letup, ke Jie must seek changeover, this local fight black chess is in local 2 dozens of circumstance whereabouts defensive position of one are drawn out by the other side horn, the situation worsens further. Subsequently Ke Jie is in the below of chessb新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

oard, right ignites beacon everywhere, strong opponent frequency goes out, but Alphago rise superior to, brachylogy is answered, march toward triumphal terminus dovishly. In Ke Jie dish admit negative, alphago1:0Banner.

Old-timer once had said the Wu Qingyuan that is known as emperor of clear a draw in chess, although still not be the god of go,oneself do not maintain 50 hands Alphago below the expression that follows go, but also enough makes the mankind top 50 hands call ace me.

Outspread read: Wu Zhenke clean is opposite a summit of go of AlphaGo man-machine big fight will新爱上海同城对对碰论坛

be whole leg

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