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Although be a kind of common disease,armour is decreased, but the harm that also cannot overlook its disease to bring, listen to the doctor’s proposal when cure especially, use drug strictly according to the doctor’s requirement, at ordinary times the relevant content such as the note that armour decreases also wants sufficient understanding. The patient needs to noticing his food more at ordinary times, know what food cannot edible, understand what food to be able to eat more, want to notice complement is sufficient especiallyForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Enough iodic element.

The note that armour decreases

The food and drink that armour reduces is no-no

It is very important that food nurses to what armour decreases. So how does armour decrease a patient to should undertake food is recuperated? Below small make up the dietary contraindication that introduces armour to decrease for you.

1, compensatory and right amount iodic

Home uses every 2 kilogram to add 1 gram iodine to change potassium to 10 kilogram salt commonly, prevention and cure of in order to is strumous big, make incidence of a disease drops apparently, apply to local strumous fashionable district. In addition, opposite Yo woman should notice the complement of iodic salt more, prevent to contract Ke Ting disease because of the mother’s body is short of iodine and bringing about the child.

Because be short of the nail that iodine causes to decrease, armour decreases the vegetable that should eat to need to choose right amount kelp, laver, bag of knead dough of usable iodic salt, iodic soy, iodic egg adds iodine. Want to notice when the fried dish, appropriate of iodic salt wood is put into boil oil, lest iodine volatilizes and reduce iodic concentration.

2, absorb full amount protein

Each everyday protein intake exceeds 20 grams at least, ability maintains human body protein to balance. Amino acid is the main part that forms protein, in human body daily the protein that has 3% about is updated ceaselessly. Armour is decreased make small intestine mucous membrane updates speed to decelerate, body suffers digestive juice secretory influence, enzymatic vigor drops, albumin drops, reason should complement indispensible and amino acid, supply full amount is protein, improve a patient’s condition.

Protein complement can choose an egg kind, breast kind, all sorts of flesh kind, protein of fish; vegetable but complementary, wait like all sorts of bean products, soya bean.

3, restrict food of fat be bored with

Armour decreases a patient to often have tall lipemia, this decreases a patient in the former armour that send a gender in more apparent, reason should be restricted adipose with cholesterol food, quantity of daily and adipose supply should occupy total caloric 20% the left and right sides.

4, correct anaemic

The person that have anaemia should complement contain a lot ofiron to be mixed character the food of vitamin B12, if the animal is hepatic, still should complement when necessary preparation of folic acid, liver. Assure to furnish even all sorts of vegetable and fresh fruit.

5, avoid choosing food

Avoid all sorts of raw strumous material, if the; avoid such as cabbage, Chinese cabbage, cole, cassava, walnut contains a lot ofthe food of cholesterol, reach like head of butter, animal splanchnic etc. Be restricted to use tall adipose kind of food, wait like cheese of cooking oil, pignut, walnutmeat, almond, sesame paste, ham, steaky pork, pleasant.

The note that armour decreases

Armour decreases a patient nurse method

Armour decreases cure is a long-term course, it is very important also to nurse. Armour decreases a patient to should be moved, static union, do take exercise appropriately. At the same time armour decreases a patient to want to notice heat preservation, nurturance every habit of day have a bowel movement. Armour is decreased nurse the method has:

1, because patient expression is dim, spirit is depressed, disposition is dissocial, answer a patient to strengthen psychology to nurse, the care shows consideration for a patient, active with its confabulate, communicate an idea, in order to remove the patient’s apprehension, increase their life interest, establish the confidence of conquer disease.

2, be in a bad way person should does absolutely lie in bed rest: ? Ancient name for a kind of scorpion? 1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch
Person anorexia, often appear nutrient obstacle, should encourage a patient to take food, the choice digests low salt food high fever quantity, high protein, easily, adjust dietary pattern, in order to promote diseaseA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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The person’s appetite. Insensible patient should offer nose raise fluidity food.

3, cold, temperature behaves patient Chang Youwei inferiorly, if temperature can appear under 35 ℃ breath is shallow and slow, the heartbeat crosses delay, blood pressure is reduced, be addicted to sleeps when waiting for a symptom, majority happening sticks the foreboding with fluidity insensible oedema, should instantly rescue, take heat preservation step, if build hot-water bottle of quilt, buy to wait, should notice to prevent scald at the same time.

4, maintain defecate unobstructed: ? Yun Quan silk ribbon member an ancient nationality in China n/HONNing be unworthy of the honor seeks ∪ silk to sift  Wu if box Hangzhou? guides piece, time have diarrhoea leaf. Shanghai night net

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With aperient.

5, does the skin that strengthens pair of patients nurse: ? Quarter warmth ablaze? of makings of twinkling of ∪ of  of dream filter  second, besmear lubricant, prevent the skin weather-shack reach infection. Should be insensible to mucous sex oedema patient accomplished ” 4 diligent ” : ? ? of makings of deceive of ⑶ of Α of Ci of Qu of rancorring ⑶ of  of Su of Shen  rancorring ⑶ with preventing effectivelyShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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The happening of bedsore.

6, the uric amount that accurate observation records a patient, rigor observes the condition of subsidise of oedema of its whole body, adjust according to the speed of oedema subsidise the discrepancy quantity of water and electrolyte.

7, armour decreases nurse methodFall in love with sea otter phoenix 419 sauna

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When still including to apply thyroid preparation to treat, should increase by degrees by doctor’s advice dosage, rigor watchs medicaments curative effect and its secondary action. When waiting for a symptom like patient occurrence tachycardia, insomnia, excited, much sweat, answer to comply with doctor’s advice reduces an amount or stop drug temporarily.

The note that armour decreases

If want to prevent armour to decrease,happen, need undertakes fixed check-up, understand oneself thyroid function. At ordinary times, enhance oneself immunity power more, seasonable cure may cause the thyroid disease that armour reduces. The life style that compares the pattern is very important also to preventing armour to decrease, want to learn ego adjustment, reduce pressure.

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