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Article introduction

The symptom of n/med beriberi and its name can say be conform to. This kind of disease can bring about the patient’s foot to give out the odour that your person bears hard, and, become when temperature is very high, the base that can bring about a patient appears desquamate, the phenomenon such as bleb, also can have the feeling with urticant Sao at the same time, the circumstance relapses instead answer, effect a radical cure hard. Do some people want to whether know n/med beriberi has infectivity? Whether will we see n/med beriberi after all you can be infected?

N/med beriberi can be infected

Is n/med beriberi infected

1, n/med beriberi has certainly infectivity

The reason causing disease of n/med beriberi is varied, but1000 flowers of ShanghaiFall in love with the sea

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Fungus infection is the mainest reason that causes this one disease, this also decided this one disease has very strong infectivity, if wear the shoe that n/med beriberi patient crosses,perhaps use with n/med beriberi patient same a bubble foot basin, bring about oneself to also be affected on the possibility of n/med beriberi is very big. But have regular contact with the patient, wait with patient dialog and handclasp for example, yesFall in love with the sea

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Won’t of the n/med beriberi on infection.

N/med beriberi can be infected

2, prevent n/med beriberi to infect a method

Have the person of n/med beriberi, want to put oneself footgear in a cabinet alone, do not want and of the family member place together, otherwise the fungus on footgear can spread to the footgear of family, bring about a family member to also suffer from on this one disease. Can wear oneself shoe only at the same time, cannot fromShanghai noble baby

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Personal shoe borrows the shoe that others is worn or wears others. The salver of bubble foot also wants to be used alone, change washed footgear to should be placed insolate below sunshine, can have the effect of antiseptic disinfection so.

N/med beriberi can be infected

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Above paragraphs is met to n/med beriberi namely infectivity the answer of this problem. Some people are the n/med beriberi that brings about as a result of in-house element, think this kind of n/med beriberi won’t be infected, actually otherwise, any a kind because of1000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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The n/med beriberi that element brings about has very strong infectivity. The patient should do good precautionary measures during cure, the difficulty that causes infection cure 2 times otherwise can become very great.

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