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Nature is OK during cough eat a few pear more, because pear itself is the effect that has embellish lung, the people that still can have a lot of stews soup of pear of rock candy snow to drink to his child, can let darling so people the degree of cough is improved somewhat, it is a kind of first-rate auxiliary treatment method, be in this nevertheless during the child that still does not give oneself as far as possible has too much fish, the food with too heavy fishlike smell will be aggravating cough.

Can cough eat pear

1. avoid acid is sweet: The little patient when cough answers avoid candy and all sweetmeat, cold drink, when cough is acuteness, join the fruit with a few sweet acid, wait to also should not be much like apple, banana, orange eat. Because of acid can collect is phlegmy, make phlegmy not easy and expectorate, aggravating inflammation, eat sweetmeat to still can aid heat to make inflammation is cured not easily more.

2. avoid salt: Cough little patient wants those who reduce salt to absorb, because this meets those who affect kidney excrete, adverse to little patient micturition, adverse to preventing infection, appropriate of food of cough little patient is delicate.

Raw meat or fish of 3. avoid fish: During the child coughs, should not be raw meat or fish having a fish, especially ” wind heats up cough ” when, allergic to certain fish egg children should notice more, should diet salmon and hairtail.

Children is when cold cough, food1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Answer to be given priority to with fresh vegetable, add a few bean products, lean lean and birds egg appropriately, meat dishes appropriate is little. Dish should be boiled with evaporate give priority to, unfavorable have oilShanghai Long Feng forum

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, food of scamper, decoct.

Can cough eat pear

Chill of turnip very light blue coughs

Turnip 1, very light blue 6Forum of baby of new Shanghai noble

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Root, ginger 15 grams. With water 3 bowls thoroughly cook the turnip first, put the very light blue, ginger, surplus that boil again a bowl of soup. Take even broken bits. Announce lung induce sweat, expectorant relieve a cough; treats chill cough, phlegmy much bubble, companion Wei is cold, body tired ache.

Soup of jujube of brown sugar ginger treats cough of catch a cold

Brown sugar is 30 grams, bright ginger is 15 grams, red jujube 30 grams. With water 3 bowls of decoct had come half, take suddenly, small sweat goes out to heal namely after taking. Drive wind comes loose cold; treats catch a cold cough; stomach is cold prickle evil shade of; of diarrhoea of; postpartum catch a cold catch a cold to wait.

Soup of Sui of overgrown with weeds makes the same score cough of catch a cold

Coriander (caraway) 30 grams, maltose 30 grams, rice 100 grams. First rice abluent, add water to boil boiling water, take rice Shangsan spoon and Sui of overgrown with weeds, the evaporate after maltose agitate 10 minutes, take the advantage of heat to take, the attention takes shelter from the wind cold; is sudoriferous show a list, treat the cough that cold of catch a cold causes.

Can cough eat pear

White turnip honey treats chill to cough

Become known turnip 1, honey is 30 grams, white peppery 5 bead, hemp are yellow 2 grams. the turnip abluent, Love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Section, put a bowl inside, reach into honeySh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

Shanghai Long Feng forum
Bai Hu any of several hot spice plants, hemp is yellow etc in all evaporate takes the advantage of heat half hours to be taken suddenly, lie in bed sees sweat heals namely; is sudoriferous medicinal powder cold, cough expectorant, treat chill cough.

Yang Mi creams the fatigue that treat theory coughs lobar Wei

Ripe suet is 250 grams, ripe ovine marrow is 250 grams, white Sha Mi juice of 250 grams, ginger is 100 milliliter, unripe glutinous rehmannia juice 500 milliliter. Suet decoct, your boil; second marrow issueing a sheep, make again boil; second next honey, glutinous rehmannia, ginger juice, not stop agitate, low baking temperature boils several boilNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Into cream. Daily and hollow lukewarm wine moves 1 spoon, or do Jiang Shang or do congee to feed Yi Ke. Poison of decency of lung of filling empty embellish, dispel, treat deficiency of yin with irritability fatigue of heat of fatigue of evaporate of calorific, bone, empty Wei of lung of emaciated, cough, still have embellish lung profit the effect of skin.

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