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Skin is protected to taste this in the choice on one hand, conditional female can choose the service with more high price, because the price is higher protect skin to taste more apparent to protecting skin effect to also be met. Protect skin to taste company research and development to give a lot of elite to be able to be joined at the same time protect skin in the center, for example blood of umbilical cord of violet car river. Because this kind of material is very scarce, use these material to be made soShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Come protect skin to taste the price costly also. So umbilicalForum of Shanghai night net

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What kind of effect can hematic elite have to the person again?

 Umbilical blood elite

Umbilical blood elite is produced from Japan, be called to be the emperor that the female maintains is tasted, the umbilical cord of embedded and newest science and technology introduces colorless element, without antiseptic, what provide active most is straight enter placenta. Umbilical cord is mentioned in the product introduction of hematic elite, can help strengthen muscleFall in love with the sea

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Skin water content, the help solves a series of skin problems, fight oxidation for instance, fight knit, layer of cutin of water oil balance, rehabilitate, go against age wait a problem a moment.

 Umbilical blood elite

But actually, umbilical blood is when coming from a baby to be born, umbilical ligate remains after clipping the blood in placenta and umbilical cord, it is to belong to deserted unused originally, but discover umbilical blood can rebuild later the hematopoiesis of human body does a cell, can use transplant and treat a disease, umbilical blood this ability is taken seriously to rise afresh. Hematopoiesis does a cell to be joined cannot survive in cosmetic, the cell that has missed work is in cannot permeating the skin that takes us, hematopoiesis does a cell to miss work, umbilical blood also does not have what action.

 Umbilical blood elite

Accordingly, need reason to handle this kinds of product.

Usually can it is OK that one angel is used, use before sleep to it is OK to awake. A is pulledShanghai night net

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Actually but it is better that this kind of thing is used less still, it just is the placenta that come from a person or is an animal, call it ovine embryo element, sheet does not point to ovine embryo element to be extracted in the embryo from the sheep, be opposite however a floorboard of the thing that extracts inside animal body.

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