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After mom birth is delivered of darling, the body is frailer, can have very big vigour loss, this moment must complement the nurture that body place needs is qualitative, butLove Shanghai is the same as edition of city mobile phone

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Will in order to choose taro recuperate the body, because taro itself is,belong to alkalescent, the soda acid that can recuperate the body is balanced, and a lot of mom are sent in the turn arounding with can serious lactation, taro also can make hair second birth, make hair silk pitch-black bright beautiful, follow below small make up understand together.

Can confinement puerpera eat sweet potato

Can eat. Sweet potato can eat in confinement. Shanghai night net

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When taro cook must boil is ripe, otherwise among them mucus can stimulate pharynx and larynx. Because the mucus of taro is medium1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Contain black glucoside, can exciting skin is scratchy, because this is unripe,pare caution requires when taro skin. Can nod vinegar to be in the hand, rub one rub husks again, taro is less than you with respect to the injury.

The puerpera can eat sweet potato. Taro nutrition is rich, contain many starch, sugarFall in love with the sea

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Kind, B of prandial fiber, vitamin a group of things with common features, potassium, calcic, zinc, mix with prandial fiber among them potassium content is most. Since vegetable, it is commissariat, but cooked food, dry make or milling. Taro mouthfeel is delicate, sticky tender tastily, nutrition is rich, can do dish to be able to make various sock again already, crisp goluptious.

Can confinement puerpera eat sweet potato

Taro is basic provision, can counteract the acidity material of the stockpile inside body, adjust the soda acid of human body to balance, generation hairdressing is raised colour, the action of pitch-black hair, still can use hydrochloric acid in gastric juice of prevention and cure to cross much disease.

Taro contains rich mucus saponin to reach a variety of microelement, the physiology that can help airframe correct microelement lack to bring about is unusual, at the same time can stomachic, help aid digestion, reason traditional Chinese medical science thinks taro can fill in beneficial is angry.

Can confinement puerpera eat sweet potato

The nutrient value with rich taro, canSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Enhance the immune function of human body, can regard the commonly used medicinal food of tumor of cancer of prevention and cure as staple food. Cure is put after cancer surgery or art, in changing cure and its rehabilitation course, have the effect of auxiliary cure. The puerpera can eat some of sweet potato, but any food are unfavorable excessive edible.

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