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After the woman gives birth to the child, the body needs the accomplishment of proper time, confinement in childbirth is in what folk says. Should notice from each respects during confinement in childbirth, cannot do any insalubrious businesses, also cannot eat any insalubrious food. Besides, still had better not go out during confinement in childbirth, otherwise in case consequence of catch a cold is unimaginable. So, how to give birth to child vagina to peculiar smell does?

How to give birth to child vagina to peculiar smell does?

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The attention when cleaning must use special tub, water is warm cannot exorbitant also cannot pass low, cannot use tap water directly more, should place Wen Shuicai with plain boiled water but. If do not have inflammation, do not use of all kinds lotion, can use wet towel of a few sanitation now and then, also can clean with weak brine, but cannot use every day.

How to give birth to child vagina to peculiar smell does?

Wear comfortable briefs

Instantly has a lot of phyletic briefs, look be like sexy little imagine to conceal disease hidden danger, must choose the briefs with the sort of comfortable cotton cloth, should not wear more the sort of ” fourth ” word pants. If not be willing really,wear the sort of hypertrophy ” mom pants ” , be about choose and buy the sort of is in that what crotch sticks a cotton cloth. When washing briefs, must wash alone, do not want dry in the shade, must put below sunshine to insolate.

Life of husband and wife wants abstemious

Normal husband and wife lives not only feeling of promotional husband and wife, still can get relaxation to bilateral body and mind, but if excessive incontinent, not only can make person mind tired the wholesome and healthy problem with still can be brought particular, especially female, can cause a few inflammation, bring about peculiar smell thereby and peculiar smell is aggravating, must master good measure so, do not follow ” quality ” for it.

How to give birth to child vagina to peculiar smell does?

The sanitation that has chosen uses paper

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Log oar paper. The female is in the cotton qualitative tampon that the tampon that physiology period uses must choose quality to had been believed, the sort of meshy had better not use, not only can cause allergy to because,still be met airtight and cause bacterial infection, also do not choose that for cover odourLove Shanghai is the same as a city

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Kind the tampon that carries scent.

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